Muffin Wisdom

By Mir
August 2, 2004

Me: Hmmm, should we check them and see if they’re done yet?
Him: Yes! Let’s check!
Me: Okay. *turning on oven light* Whatcha think?
Him: They’re done! Let’s eat them!
Me: Really? Are you sure?
Him: Yes…? I want to eat them!
Me: Look closely. Do those look the way you think muffins ought to look?
Him: *nose pressed to the glass* Hmmmm. Mama? They’re kinda flat.
Me: Yeah, they are. They’re not ready yet.
Him: Cuz muffins is supposed to be kinda round on the top, right?
Me: That’s right, buddy. Muffins should be round on the top.
Him: Like my head!
Me: Right, like your head.
Him: I want the muffins to be round like my head! Then I will eat them! With my head!
Me: Good plan.


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