Pass the Advil and ask your questions

By Mir
July 29, 2004

Well, the bubble burst a little. Surprise! But those few hours of contentment were nice.

So, you know how thrilled I’ve been about finally being on the right medications and hormones and all of that, and feeling pretty much myself again? It’s been great. Right up this evening, when I started cramping and spotting. And… uhhh… not to get too technical here, but that area is no longer connected to anything, supposedly; so I for one am kind of puzzled as to where that blood might be coming from, ya know? Plus… cramping? From what? Phantom cramps? Or maybe my uterus grew back? (This is when I totally need to have a Medic Wife on hand.)

Now don’t go getting all worried on me. I’m gonna ride out the evening and call my doc in the morning if anything weird is still going on. Right now? I’m practicing my denial skills. La la la!

So! In lieu of detailed discussion about my bizarre and embarrassing medical issues (whoops! too late!), let’s start getting in those questions for Facts and Fiction Friday. Ask away, and I will answer your queries with truth, or humor, or by scraping the bottom of the barrel in such a way that you wonder why you bother coming back here. That’s the excitement–wondering what you’ll get. You know you want to play. Leave your questions and prepare to be amazed! Or possibly perplexed! I cannot promise talking meatballs, but I can promise you… words. Lots of ’em. (“Oh, I was totally hoping for talking meatballs, but lots of words sounds even better!”)

Oooookay, time for me to stop talking now. Ask away.


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