Bustin’ Out

By Mir
July 26, 2004
Category Detritus

The sun rises on Monday morning, and I am sane again. Phew.

Thanks for the kind comments on my post from last night. Logically, intellectually, I am fine. Emotionally, even, I’m mostly fine. The thing about being lonely is that it’s not a constant thing; it lurks and jumps out and bites you every so often. But it’s all good. Just think how much more I’ll appreciate the love of my life when he finally shows up! (If I don’t deck him and say, “What TOOK you so long??”)

This afternoon I’m giving myself a little gift. The sitter is coming for a couple of hours and I’m going out to do… ummm… not really sure, but I’m going out without the kids. I reasoned that up until yesterday, I’d been planning to pay someone to tend to the lawn, and now that I’ve mowed, that freed up some spare money. Besides, I love our sitter–as do the kids–and I even feel a little guilty that I often pray she starts getting ugly. She’s fourteen now and totally gorgeous. There’s that whole life-sucking boys thing so many pretty girls succumb to. I figure we’ll only get to have her another year, maybe two, unless she gets really bad acne or something.

Anyway, I am woman, hear me roar… or more likely, see me go clearance shopping… but whatever, it’s about a little nurturing for me. Which is also why I gave myself my first post-surgical pedicure last night. It’s much easier to be brave with blue chrome toenails, ya know.


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