As in, the ancient ruins?

By Mir
July 24, 2004

We have our first Mystery Female update.

Chickadee reports that her name is “Inca.” I’m guessing it may actually be Inga, but who knows. Sounds mail-order-ish to me, either way.

But Chickadee’s hair was neatly combed out and beautifully done up–which is quite a change from the nest of snarls it usually is after swimming–so I’m thinking I can get behind this Inca person.

I also had a nice laugh at the ex’s expense and watched him turn all red because he parked waaaaaaay to the side of my driveway at both pick-up and drop-off, as if that would somehow prevent me from knowing about the Mystery Female in his car. I suggested he bring her in to say hello and he almost choked. Heh. And no, I didn’t even get a glimpse.

Curiouser and curiouser.


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