The Migraine Report

By Mir
July 20, 2004

(Or, Have! some! more! caffeine!)
So impressed was I by the effects of last night’s Pepsi, even though I woke up headache-free (a small victory in itself) I decided! to have! some tea! immediately!
It is possible that my caffeine tolerance has changed a bit since all this mucking about with my hormones.
I mean, if you need someone to churn some butter with the spasmodic unconscious shaking and flailing of the arms, I’m your girl.  I should probably not be your first pick if you need someone to carry something breakable, at this point, however.  Or if you’re looking for someone calm.  That would not be me.  Because I am about to jump right out of my skin for no discernable reason.
Right now I need to go herd the children through showers (we are switching to morning cleaning routines for the week of VBS).  You might want to pray for them, as I suspect there may be shampoo in eyes and not a whole lot of sympathy on my part.
But! I! don’t! have! a! headache!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!


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