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By Mir
July 19, 2004
Category Friends

On days like today, when I am sitting here in migraine-land waiting for my doctor’s office to call me back, when I am wondering exactly how many hours of television my children can watch before CPS comes to take them away, I like to remember that I have a fan club.
It’s true!  Stop laughing!  I have a fan club.  My dad is the president, of course.  (Hi, Dad!)  But much of his adoration is disregarded because of that pesky genetic connection.  He can’t help it, you know.  (Plus, if you’d known me through my tween and teen years, you’d be pretty impressed with how I turned out, too.)
Anyway.  For reasons I cannot explain, I have discovered the natural leader of the Mir Pep Squad.  I don’t know why she is so taken with me.  All I know is that every time she sends me an email–as she nearly always does after I see her at church or some other function–I can actually picture her waving pom-poms in the air.  The woman in question has plenty of kids and grandkids of her own.  Her attachment to me is puzzling.  But her zeal is unmatched.
Here’s the email I had waiting for me this morning:

Hi lady,
  So good to see you but sure wish you were feeling a whole lot better. Nothing is easy, is it? Just seems like when your down your down!  However, I know you and  you’re not going to stay down long. That is not the Miriam I know.  I know going thru the ‘change” normally can be difficult but artificially can be a bit more difficult.  Just keep that positive thinking going and the right combination is going to be found.  Also, I am delighted to hear that you are doing something with your writing. I think that there is a hidden future there for  you but, and I do understand this, the real world is first.  However,  you are extremely talented and smart and you are going to land on those two feet and be one super great lady, not that you aren’t already but one who has the world by the tail.  Go for it, my friend.  I care very much how you feel so if I can do anything for you please just ask!  Love to  you, xxxxx

It didn’t fix my migraine or anything.  But it did make me smile.  I hope every one of you has someone who shakes their pom-poms for you.


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