Goody! Goodies!!

By Mir
July 16, 2004

I have been having a very goodie-ful week, for which I am very grateful.  At this moment I feel exceedingly warm and fuzzy… though that could be a hot flash or maybe the drugs.  No matter!
First I demonstrated my prowess at blogger foot identification, earning me the label of part-time foot fetishist, and… a book!
Next I wrote about food as love, earning me the Blogging for Books crown and… a book!
Then I hit the doctor’s office, whimpered about my week-long migraine, and earned a plain brown paper bag containing… a book!  Wait, no.  That’s not true, but it would’ve been nice for the general flow.  No, I got a plain brown paper bag full of assorted hormone patches and happy pills, all served up with a huge side of sympathy.  I take back anything less-than-complimentary I may have ever said about my doctor.  She took her time with me today, comforted me, and got my primary care doctor on the phone and demanded an action plan for solving the headache issue.  (My GP?  Wanted me to go to the Emergency Room for a shot of demerol.  Um, no thank you.  But I guess I get to do that tomorrow if the happy pills don’t work.) 
In short: I know feet, I loves me some guacamole, and I’m not crazy.  And I got some awesome freebies!  What more could I ask of a Friday?


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