By Mir
July 15, 2004

… whether or not this migraine is now a permament part of my life.
… whether my doctor was surprised when she called me back and I burst into tears when she asked me to tell her how I was feeling.
… whether I will repeat my embarrassing tearfulness at my appointment with her tomorrow or merely rip her head from her neck, screeching “You did this to meeeeeeeeee!”
… whether I will have the presence of mind to haiku, later, after the kidlets are in bed.
… whether I should not write semi-serious stuff in my blog, as I actually heard the crickets chirping here after discussing my PTDD (post-traumatic divorce disorder!).
… when did BlogSpot make all these changes to the editor, whereby now inserting HTML tags into the text results in weirdness and sometimes hilarity, but rarely the result desired??
… whether it’s possible that the two “damaged” TVs actually have that line because of something about the cable feed, itself. But the old TV didn’t have a line, so I’m thinking no. But that would so be typical of my life, so I’m thinking maybe. (Obviously, this is going to keep me up tonight.) 
… how many questions will you all leave me for tomorrow’s Facts and Fiction Friday? Watch me bat my eyelashes and point out that my head may explode at any moment so you’d best ask while the asking’s good! You know what to do; leave your questions in the comments and if I’m still in one piece tomorrow, there will be the baring of my soul and the creation of outrageous lies and maybe some funny stuff in-between.


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