Help me; for I am sad and pixelated

By Mir
July 9, 2004
Category Detritus

Tonight I had a brilliant idea. And it was the following: Hey! In spite of never letting anyone take my picture–hence the paucity of pictures of myself that Don’t Completely Suck–once a couple of years ago I had to have my picture taken for the paper. And I behaved! And wore lipstick, even! And I think I still have that picture! And wouldn’t that picture be nifty on my blog?

Only, it isn’t nifty at all, for BlogSpot is evil. BlogSpot takes my bee-yoo-tee-ful picture of me, and shrinks it down in such a way that I am actually scary in the thumbnail to the right. So I have tried and tried to make a version of this picture that is exactly the teeny-tiny size that BlogSpot craves, so that it will not smush and pixelate and distort my poor self so, but BlogSpot is not deceived, and it continues to contort me no matter what I offer it.

Why? Why does BlogSpot hate the One Only Sorta Kinda Decent Picture Of My Head that I have? How can I make it stop hurting me? I have spent hours looking at the template code. I can’t figure out where it is receiving the direction to smush the profile pic (the pic itself isn’t much bigger than the thumbnail, so if I could tell it to just use the full-size version that would be fine and dandy).

Can anyone help me?


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