Karma smiles a little… on my butt

By Mir
July 6, 2004

My doctor called me as soon as she was out of surgery. I described my symptoms and she said (wait for it…):

“Well that sounds awful. You shouldn’t use that patch!”

Thanks, Sherlock.

So I am now wearing a new, progestin-free, estrogen-only patch on my hiney. It is not the Vivelle Dot, so it is approximately the diameter of a softball, but fortunately 1) my buttocks are quite ample enough to accommodate and 2) no one sees it but me (right now; probably for the forseeable future; okay I have to stop thinking about this now before I cry). Should this patch give the desired result, when I go for my post-op appointment I’ll ask for the reduced acreage of the Vivelle Dot. Also I will ask why she prescribed me something that specifically stated it was not appropriate for my condition.

But today, I was all about thank you and you’re so great, because I wanted a new patch before I killed someone. Answers will have to wait. For now. Follow-up report on my level of seasickness to come in a few days….


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