That blogroll meme thingie

By Mir
July 3, 2004
Category Friends

Is it contagious? Apparently, yes. Seen at Genuine, Zoot’s, and Mindy’s… among others.

There are TWO rules when answering these questions:
1) Only ONE answer to each. Of course its tough – thats the point!
2) Each blog/blogger may only be used ONCE

What blogger inspired you to FINALLY start a blog?

What blog do you visit the most often everday?
The Zero Boss, probably because he posts like 5 times a day.

What blogger do you think you have the most in common with?

Which blog can you be sure will make you pee a little you laugh so hard?
Miss Doxie

Which blogger leaves you the best/funniest comments?

What blogger do you wish would update more often?
Jill, although I think we may have recently shamed her into doing so. Yay!

Which blog do you wish more people would read?

Which blog do you learn the most from?

What blog is your newest addition?
So The Fish Said

Who has been on your blogroll the longest?
Other than Kym, whom I’m not allowed to name again? Michele, I think.

Whose blogroll would you LOVE find yourself on?
Finslippy‘s, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know/care that I exist.

Whose blogroll were you the happiest to find yourself on?
Lee‘s, and I haikued my little heart out to get there! (And if we’re not talking about times that I shamelessly whored myself through Japanese verse and generally made myself an incredible pain in the ass until I was added, that would have to be Martha‘s.)

If you could write like any blogger, who would it be?

What blogger are you the happiest you’ve “met?”

Which blog do you recommend the most?
ZOOT ZOOT (probably because I haven’t let that stupid saying-her-name-twice thing die a natural death…)

Who is the next person you’ll add to your blogroll?

Who is the blogger you hope to meet in “real” life?
All of them. I can’t pick just one, and you can’t make me. So there.

Which blogger you admire the most?
Snowball, because she lets her ex live and if our situations were reversed he would be dead. Long dead.

Who would you trust with your blog while you were away?
During my surgery I turned the keys over to Mindy and Jill. Though there are certainly others I would trust as well.

Which blog has your favorite design?

How many blogs are on your blogroll(s)?
27 at the moment.


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