Oh, it’s Saturday?

By Mir
July 3, 2004
Category Detritus

Poor Sheryl thinks I’m writing this from inside of the safe that fell on my head, because I didn’t post again yesterday. It’s okay, Sheryl! I’m here! Nothing fell on me! I slept most of the day. Boy, that sounds pitiful. Okay, yes, it’s true; someone dropped an anvil on my head and I am bravely typing from the ICU….

I only got one Friday Facts and Fiction question, and continued to feel pretty gross yesterday, so I didn’t feel in a huge need to come post. But to answer your question, Kym is the reason I started blogging. I’ve known Kym for years as part of a parenting after infertility/adoption group, and after I read her blog a few times I decided I wanted to be one of the cool kids, too (heh). When I “retired” from engineering back when Monkey was a baby, I did nothing but care for the kids for the first year. Then I realized that without something that was just mine, it was likely my brain would melt. I then spent about a year trying to launch a freelance writing career… which was starting to pick up momentum when my ex started falling apart.

It was a brief and not very illustrious run.

After reading Kym for a while, I realized I could use this as a way to get myself writing again (it’s like exercise; I’d been away so long, I didn’t even want to start, but it felt sooooo good once I got back into it). Unfortunately, life circumstances being what they are, I’ll be heading back to a Real (Boring) Job in a couple of months as I’ve yet to have anyone offer me a multi-million-dollar book deal, but it’s been a great outlet in the meantime.

In other news: Chickadee’s first grade class assignment came in the mail yesterday. She’s been put with a teacher with a name that clearly dictates that the kids will be calling her Mrs. Last Initial (one of those names that looks like many of the vowels were stolen by rogues). Despite a few frantic phone calls to check with friends who are still in town on a holiday weekend, we so far haven’t tracked down any friends in the same class. (Though we did hear several thumbs-up reports on Mrs. Last Initial as being an excellent teacher.) And I think I managed to distract Chickadee from the stress of not knowing if a friend would be in her class with extended hoopla over the supply list and bus instructions.

Unrelated (switch gears with me, won’t you?): Leave it to me to decide at 5:04 on the Friday of a holiday weekend that I need to get off this satanic hormone patch immediately, if not sooner. Bah. I’ll be clinging to sanity and dry land until the office reopens on Tuesday; then I’ll be relating my tales of seasickness and woe with as much pitifulness as is necessary to get my doctor to try me on something else.

And now… just for Sheryl: a brief warning that I only have about 24 hours left to go before my folks leave, and as such I may not be posting again until after they go. Do not panic!


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