It’s Official! It’s Official!

By Mir
June 18, 2004
Category Detritus

First Official Announcement: It is now Summer. I know “they” say Summer commences on June 20th (21st??), but “they” (who are they? uppity bastards) are wrong. Summer has begun when I trip the circuit to my bedroom by running both the air conditioner and my hair dryer at the same time. This auspicious event occurs just once every year, at the start of Summer. After that, I reset the circuit, say “duhhhhhhhhh” a couple of times, and remember not to do it again. Until next Summer.

Second Official Announcement: I would lose my head if it was not attached. I was just over at Lee’s and got about halfway through his WILF list before realizing omigosh it’s Friday already!!! (This brain blip may be partially due to this morning’s power outage, but that’s stretching matters.) (Yes, Lee, I will now always think of you when I use the phrase “due to.”) So if anyone wants to leave me Fun Friday Fact and Fiction queries, g’head, and I’ll tend to them tonight. Right now I have to go smell my armpits to see if I remembered to put deodorant on this morning….


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