One duck in the row, anyway

By Mir
June 2, 2004

I know you have been losing sleep ever since I wrote the letter asking for a refund of summer camp deposits for the kids. You have been waiting on pins and needles to know the outcome of this very pressing matter, I know. Well, pace no more! Rest easy. In their infinite wisdom, the association in question has magnaminously decided to refund the overage in the form of a credit on our account.

Errrrr… okay. Of course, “our” account is, in fact, the ex’s account. This means the cost of swim lessons will now be covered for the next several sessions, and I can maybe recoup some of that money from him. As soon as I learn how to squeeze blood from a stone.

But I now have the illusion of having a small victory, there, and at least I don’t have to think about it any more. Too much. Well, there is the small matter of choosing between bringing it up to the ex or stabbing out my own eyeballs, but I can decide that one later.

Mine is a life of ambiguous triumphs.


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