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By Mir
June 1, 2004
Category Detritus

So… uh… Nerds On Site? Some news flashes for you:

1) The word “tomorrow” refers to the day following this current one. It’s not complicated. Saying that the user counter feature will be back online “tomorrow” for three days straight is not only incorrect usage, and false advertising, but it’s not a good way to make a loyal user out of a client with PMS.

2) The date “May 31st”–although perhaps a seemingly safer substitute for the word “tomorrow”–was yesterday. That’s the day before this current one. Do not promise a fix by a certain date, after days of lying about tomorrow, and then fail to deliver, unless you wish to be ridiculed. (Maybe they like that sort of thing…?)

3) Your little scripty thingie has the annoying habit of bringing the page load to a screeching halt when it can’t figure out what to do. This slows things down and often makes the following apps just whimper and fail to execute. When my blogroll doesn’t load, I get annoyed.

4) Fast Online Users is my bitch, now. But thanks for the laughs.

(Just imagine if they had touched my chocolate….)


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