Fun Fridays Facts and Fiction

By Mir
May 27, 2004
Category Detritus

In my daughter’s kindergarten class, they regularly have Fun Friday. They do something wacky on Friday afternoons whenever feasible, and instead of “quiet time” they watch a movie. The Chickadee thinks this is about the most fantabulous invention since the Freaky Dismembered Barbie Styling Head.

Know what? I am in desperate need of a Fun Friday ritual. As my resources, budget, and attention span are limited, I’ve decided to turn to all of you, my newfound blogging buddies. I want to write tomorrow. For me, that’s nearly always fun. But I do not want to have to think much, because if I think I am mostly going to be thinking about The Big Ovary Decision&#153 and/or my stupid yucky wheezy cold and/or the fact that Mr. I Will Simply Die Without My Children Because They Mean So Much To Me flat out refused to even attempt to figure out how he could help me manage childcare coverage after I have major surgery because, oh yeah, he’ll be out of vacation days, so oh well. Maybe I’ll luck out and they’ll find some cancer in there and I’ll be able to change his mind. Yeah. Anyhoo, you can see where my mind has been today and will likely continue tomorrow… without your help.

So here’s your challenge, dear readers (that would be… um… my dad… and Kym and anyone else I can slip a coupla bucks to in the next 12 hours): I would like to start a continuing segment for Fridays where I respond to questions left by YOU. Ask me anything about me; consider it a little accelerated get-to-know-me gig. You may specify whether you would like the factual answer or the fictitious answer, or if you don’t specify it will be up to me. Or maybe I’ll just completely lie regardless of what you ask. It depends. I do that sometimes. That’s part of the fun.

Leave your queries in the comments on this post, and I’ll address them all sometime tomorrow afternoon. If no one responds I will pout. (It’s not pretty, trust me.) So come on in and lemme have it, and let’s see if this would make a good weekly feature or if I really just need to start going to bed earlier.


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