Tuesday is Chooseday!

By Mir
May 25, 2004
Category Detritus

(And also, I am a follower… wow I almost said typed that with a straight face… and nothing interesting has happened yet today ’round here cept for a game of Go Fish involving a stuffed puppy who regularly drew multiple cards, dirty cheater.)

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather:

  1. your best friend overhear you telling somebody else a deep secret about them OR your child overhear you venting your frustrations about your significant other?
  2. Well as my savings for the Therapy Fund are already being socked away (and spent), I guess I take the latter. My kids have heard me vent about my ex, which is–in my opinion–normal and not so horrible as long as I keep it clean. Don’t get me wrong, I try to keep their hearing of this stuff to a minimum, but to me it just isn’t on par with violating a trust like repeating a secret. (It’s no secret my ex frustrates the beejesus outta me, not even to my 4-year-old!)

  3. learn an obscure language only spoken by 15 other people on the planet OR be able to guess somebody’s exact birthdate, just by looking at them?
  4. I’m not really planning to go work at a carnival any time soon, so I pick the obscure language. What if those 15 people are really cool?

  5. have eyebrows that grow in VERY bushy, daily, no matter how you try to prune them OR make a sound like a tuba whenever you blow your nose?
  6. I knew posting that picture was a bad idea; that was really low writing about my eyebrows!!! Ahem. Huh? Oh. Um, tuba sound, please. At least that would be intermittent rather than ever-present.

  7. have a job that makes $200,000 a year, but you only get to see your family once a week for 3 hours OR make just enough to survive from check-to-check, but be able to see your family whenever you want?
  8. It appears that I’ve already selected the second option, although if I were given the opportunity to swap for the money I definitely wouldn’t. Being poor isn’t so bad. Three hours a week with my kids would only be enough time for me to feed and bathe them a settle a couple of arguments.


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