Scissors are Fun

By Mir
May 20, 2004

Important discovery: I can have oodles of time to myself to blog, pay bills, and do dishes, and still garner Fun Mama points, if I allow the Monkey to cut up his Spiderman coloring book while I do so.

He has spent most of the morning cutting out every little spider in there and then running to me to present it… whereupon I shriek a fake little scream of horror, he laughs himself silly (remember, he is easily amused), and then he runs off to find me another one.

“Mama, you don’t like spiders, do you?”

“No, honey, not very much.”

“Mama, spiders and Barbies freak you out.”

“Yes, sweetheart, they do.”

“That’s okay, Mama… I love you anyway.”


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