I swear not to do this monthly

By Mir
June 10, 2007

Dear Otto,

Tomorrow we have been married for one whole month! I can hardly believe it. So far our marriage is progressing amazingly; we’ve not had a single argument and finally living together hasn’t brought any big changes or unexpected surprises.

Oh. Wait. That’s because we haven’t actually lived together, yet. My bad.

We spend several hours every day on the phone, and several hours instant messaging online, just like we used to do before we got hitched. This is totally easy! Why didn’t we do this earlier?

It’s been a wild ride these last couple of weeks, but now we’re about to live not only in the same town, but in the same house. A house we actually like! This is a small miracle in and of itself, but could we expect anything less from a relationship that it took 18 years to figure out?

Ever since this you have been referring to your future workshop as The Crate, and it cracks me up every time. This is a welcome reprieve all around from the days when I worried we’d have to cram into your house and stack the children in the closet. Now you shall have your Crate and Chickadee shall have her Casino and maybe Monkey and I will just jump in the pool and then run around the yard in circles.

There’s plenty to get through before we settle in to a routine, and more to come along the way. Fortunately, we’ve already survived several major hurdles: We can drive together without disharmony. We have done home improvement side-by-side with no casualties. And given the perfect justification to strangle one of my children, you handled things calmly. Also, you cook! And I’m pretty sure there are other proximity benefits which you would prefer I not discuss here.

I think this whole living together thing may have its perks.

This weekend as I sorted through years of detritus, I resisted throwing things away, at first. But then I got it into my head that every useless item chucked away and every other item packed was one step closer to you.

There was a long period of time there when I was sure I would never marry again, you know. And to be married and apart has been… weird. I don’t want to be apart anymore. ENOUGH WITH THE APART! But it’s almost over, and as much as I’ve complained about it sucking, it really didn’t.

I spent the whole month knowing that pretty soon we’ll be together. I spent the whole month reminding myself that years from now, a month apart will feel like a tiny blip on the map of our lives together. I spent it missing you and wishing for you but also knowing down to my toes that we’re in the right place (finally) and things are working out.

(There may have also been some shopping in there. It’s a little fuzzy, what with all of the pining I was doing. Yes. Pining makes it easier to shop for shoes, by the way. My feet have missed you terribly.)

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, happy monthiversary. Now get your ass up here and take me home.


P.S. My silverware is still superior. Your ability to make me laugh when I’m freaking out is much more valuable, though.


  1. Krisco

    Congratulations! That’s been a tough month, regardless, so you making it through with flying colors!

  2. Judy.

    Happy One Month Anniversary to both of you. (and I still think you should let US decide on the silverware…. just sayin’) :-)

  3. Barb Cooper

    Oh, Mir.

    You go ahead and post a letter like this monthly. It’s perfectly legal for the first year of marriage –I’m sure I read that somewhere. It’s like you can refer to children’s ages in months until they are two years old and then you have to stop or people will have you committed.

    I’ll let you in on a secret if you want. (Heck, even if you DON’T want.) My husband and I will soon have been married for ten years. (That’s not the secret.) I kissed/married some frogs before I met him. (Still not the secret.) But here’s the thing: tonight he’s away on business and I could have written “enough with the apart already” myself. Still not the secret but here it comes: (Are you ready?) No matter how long it takes you to find your Person, once you find him, it STAYS THIS GOOD. Every month. Forever.

    Happily ever after is kind of fun, huh?

    Happy forever to both of you,

  4. Barb Cooper

    PS: Ditch the silverware and buy new. It’s more fun anyway.


  5. amy

    If you have survived this month, then I have a lot of confidence that it will only get more fun from now on!!! Here’s to hoping that the houses will sell soon and that your new home and schools will be awesome.

  6. Jenny

    Dear Otto –

    Any shoe purchases can ALWAYS be justified.

    Happy Monthaversary!

  7. Belinda

    Awww! You can use the breath from your laughter to polish your silver! It’s a match made in heaven! Honestly, I’m so happy for you.

  8. Lisa

    Congratulations! June 16, Mike and I will celebrate the one year anniversary of getting our marriage license! :) We got married Sept. 16, but we are ready for a little celebrating around here. Your happily ever after gets closer every day!:)

  9. MomCat

    Congrats Mrs. Otto and Mr. Mir! May all your freak outs end in laughter. :D

  10. Karen

    Here’s a question that’s been nagging me: you know the cheese-grater foot-thing? When are you going to do this once you’re actually living together? Is it something you can do in his presence or will it simply be “part of the magic”, like bikini waxing? I have no idea why this has been plaguing me.

  11. chris

    See I think you should do this monthly so we can all bask in the newlywed glow.

    I think you should just jumble all the silverware together. That way when I come to visit and bring all my kids for Family Gambling Night, they will feel right at home.

  12. Juliness


    While shoe shopping is indeed important, the key question which begs to be asked is this; did you get a new bathing suit for the POOL?

  13. Jenni-nifr

    very very cute!

  14. Aimee

    Aw! Happy monthiversary.

  15. Woman with Kids

    Shoe shopping is vital to pining. No one pines in bad shoes.

    And? Very sweet. Come and get already Otto!

  16. jenn

    Awwwww. You Newlyweds are so cute!

  17. Genevieve

    Hooray! Happy Monthiversary!

    A lovely letter. Come and get her, Otto!

    Maybe a hammock will be the place for Monkey and Mir? It was almost the first thing I bought when we got a house with a yard. (one of those hammocks on a stand, since we didn’t have 2 big trees) It’s where my boy and I hang out whenever we can, reading and snuggling.

  18. Heidi

    Wow, sounds like Love Monday to me.

  19. Heather

    Happy Monthiversary you guys!!

  20. Stephanie C

    Happy Monthiversary!

  21. becky

    awwww! one month down, a bajillion more to go!

    and ya know what? barb has the right idea. you find the right one and you’ll still feel the same way 120 months from now.

  22. Contrary

    A month?? And they said you crazy kids wouldn’t make it!

    So when are you gonna invite us all to the new place so we can show up, eat too much potato salad and deny peeing in your pool?

    Or maybe that’s just *my* idea of a good time.

  23. ScottsdaleGirl

    Congrats and WTF? A month already? I am getting so old so quickly that I fear tomorrow I might just POOF turn to dust.

  24. Brigitte

    Is the “casino” close enough to the pool to also serve as a bar? Is it screened in, so you can stick Chris’ older kids out there when she comes and visits? :-)

  25. Parrot Wrangler

    My husband and I have been celebrating every monthversary since we first started dating in May 1973!!!Yup-through college and chiropractic college, and daily drudgery, and our now 9 y. o. WOOO!It’s fun and let’s your otther know they’re fab!!

  26. ChristieNY

    Congratulations Mrs. Otto and Mr. Mir! :) :) :)

  27. Allanna

    Happy Monthiversary! I’m so glad that everything is going so well (and that you and Chris were so successful in packing up. That’s what true friends are for ^_^).

    I wish you many more happy monthiversaries to come! (while I do my best not to be envious about your pool and your casino.)

  28. MMM

    awwww, so sweet!

  29. Cele

    Love the letter, I agree, we don’t mind monthly letters. But I bet your dad misses Love Thursday.

  30. sharon

    Happy monthiversary! :) Congratulations!

  31. Otto

    Gee … when people ask me how married life is, I just say, “Pretty much the same, but now there’s jewelry …”

    I think I need a better answer. Let me work on that.


    PS – You can keep telling yourself your silverware is superior. But I bet if the dishawaher ever breaks, you’ll be asking if mine’s still around in a box. B-)

  32. Kara

    Happy Month anniversary!

  33. Melanie Marie

    AWwwwww! I wish the both of you all the best!!!!!

  34. Lynda

    I have had months like yours…before I became the other half of a trucking company and lived 24/7 with my husband. I will tell you that one of the ways that we live in an 84″ box all of the time and don’t kill each other is because we have the ability to laugh. We still get angry, we still have arguments and there are some days I just flat out don’t like my husband for short periods of time. But I also know that the times when I am away from him, I miss him terribly and want nothing more than to get back on the truck and be with him…and we’ve been married for 7 1/2 years and doing this for 6 of those years.

    Happy Month anniversary and may you have Many Many more.

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