Love transcends ordinary

By Mir
January 17, 2007

Otto and I talk on the phone every night. Occasionally we only talk for twenty minutes or so—if it’s very late, or one of us has to go somewhere, or if I’m sick and cranky and need to sleep—and even more rarely we talk for closer to three hours; but most of the time we talk for an hour or two.

Sometimes I wonder if we’ll run out of things to talk about, what with being unable to engage in the natural pacing provided by a face-to-face relationship where you can stop talking and make out for a while when you don’t have anything to say. So far, so good. Plus, this way we don’t feel guilty catching up on the face-sucking thing when we actually ARE together.

Tonight we spent half our time surfing around Google Maps together, Otto giving me the lay of the land in the neighborhoods we’re looking at, me saying things like “What is that big area there without any trees?” and “Oh! I want to live on that street, it has a cute name!” We spent the subsequent half of the conversation discussing appropriate media storage for Otto’s gazillion CDs and surfing around looking for various cabinets he could put them in which wouldn’t require the sale of one or both children to pay for it.

It was, in the scope of our nightly talks, perhaps unremarkable and ordinary. It was our standard fare; a bit of serious discussion tempered by plenty of random and inconsequential chatter. At one point, after Otto launched an impassioned soliloquy about how ideally he’d have CD storage units “scattered around the house” (perhaps at the cost of things like chairs and beds? I wasn’t sure) there was a pause as he waited for my response.

“You’re so cute when you’re irrational,” I said, finally. My own smile widened as I listened to him laughing and I could easily picture his reaction in my mind’s eye; how his eyes would first flash and widen before crinkling at the edges as his head would tip back just a touch with the force of his laughter. I wished, for a moment—as I wish every night—that we were together instead of apart. But tonight that longing was familiar and comfortable and faded as my own giggles escaped. Soon. And until then, we’ll spend our nights on the phone, and playing with things like the Catalog Card Generator:

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. I hope you have someone you want to spend the next fifty or sixty years talking with about everything and nothing at all.


  1. Cele

    you guys make people smile :)

  2. sognatrice

    Awww, how sweet :)

  3. Jen

    OOh thanks for the link! That is so fun :) You and Otto have the same relationship as me and my OH; maybe long distance is good. Ours has lasted 8 1/2 years with the odd co-habitation from time to time. It works for us!

  4. Marly

    Doesn’t everybody base their house search on the proximity of the local Target?

  5. Sara

    Here’s to everything and nothing at all!

  6. carolyn

    I’m going to take Otto’s side on the Target thing. When my sister lived in South Carolina, she was less than 2 miles from Target. Then she moved all the way across the country to California, where the closest Target was in the next town, 40 MILES AWAY!! Life was tough, and she was glad to leave when the time came. Of course, she ended up in North Dakota, but the Target was just a couple of miles up the road. Perspective, people!

  7. Cynthia Samuels

    Beeeyutiful, as usual. For the record, I’ve been married for almost 36 years (oh my God!) — some of them very very tough ones — and we STILL haven’t run out of things to say – on the phone or in person. Sounds like you’re on that road too – and it’s just so nice to hear. You add so much sunshine when you share it all, too. Thanks Ms. M.

  8. Terri

    That’s so great. Not the being-a-zillion-miles-away-from-each-other part, but the way it is so evident how good you are together. And you will never run out of things to talk about!!! My husband and I are coming up on 18 years together (15 married) and we still have a ton to talk about and — almost as importantly — laugh about. I can honestly say that we’ve never been bored together.

    We were friends first, too, and I thought that 3 years was a long time to work things out and start dating — I guess when you’re 20, it is. But the end result is, I appreciate it more, I think.

    Also — our first 4 months dating was long-distance, and while the absence of “face-sucking” … well, for lack of a better word, sucked, it made for some great conversations that never would have happened if we’d been in the same place and able to make out. Plus, it made it that much better when we were finally able to be in the same place for longer than a week.

    On an another note — do you know that there’s an Ikea in Atlanta????

  9. lastewie

    So, so sweet….

  10. Randi

    Target?! Never been to one…I wish! Apparently they don’t like the extreme cold because they’ve never come to Vermont!

    So HOW many more months before you’re moving together? And, as a follow-up question, how’s the situation going with the kid’s father and the move now?

  11. Jenna

    I wish we would have based our house search on Target. No, no. STARBUCKS. Yes.

    Happy Love Thursday. :)

  12. LadyBug Crossing

    OMG! I finally found the real you! It only took me 3 months, but I did it! I’m blogrolling you so I don’t lose you again…

    When the ordinary is still extraordinary – that’s when you know it’s right…

  13. Katie

    Jenna, you need to move next to me. I have a Target less than a mile away with a Starbucks inside! If it weren’t for the crappy pizza (see Mir’s post about pizza places), I’d never want to move.

  14. Bob

    When we first got married, we would chat when we went to bed. I would drift off and Laura wouldn’t know ’cause I would still “uh huh” and “mm”. She would frequently grill me the next morning to see if I remembered what I had agreed to the night before.

    When I’m off on a business trip, I call home every night and we talk before bedtime.

    After 22 years we still talk when we go to bed. I just don’t drift off anymore. (much safer that way, I don’t wind up having to do something I didn’t know about).

  15. Rissa Roo

    I have CD storage suggestion. When my fiancé (now husband) and I took the final step towards marriage by combining our CD collections–we realized we needed more space. After much discussion we ditched the jewel boxes and put the CDs and booklets into lovely leather carrying cases. It was a bit scary get rid of all that plastic, but now all the CDs and their books fit into two binders, have remained in alphabetical order and take up about 2 square feet of space next to the stereo. Before they occupied four bookcase shelves, two 5 ft tall storage units and were stacked haphazardly on every flat surface within arms reach of the stereo.

  16. Jenn2

    Awwwww… Ain’t love the bee’s knees?

  17. Allanna

    You and Otto are adorable. And I’m so thrilled for you two.

    I feel extremely lucky to be abel to talk about anything with my husband … and to have a target in the shopping center not even a half-mile away.

    Not that I’m bragging.

    I hope that your new house has a cute street name in the address and a Target within walking distance (if desired). And that Otto has room for CD cupboards in every room. (Again, if desired.)

  18. marymuses

    Personally, I’m marrying my fiance because he already owns a house near Target. When we first met, I was all, “WAIT. You live near TARGET? Of course I’ll go on a second date. Can it be to Target?”

  19. Aimee

    Awww. Happy Love Thursday! The not running out of things to talk about is the most important. I love talking to my husband.

  20. Christina

    A Starbucks in Target?! OMG, that sounds wonderful! Oh, and the whole happy couplehood thing is nice too :)

  21. Karen


    But how did you save the image? It won’t let me. : (

  22. maggie

    That link is totally cool!

    When you live in the same house, you’ll have to lie in bed with dueling laptops, emailing or IMing back and forth.

  23. Liise

    The CD’s? Yeah in boxes in storage thankyouverymuch.

    Course 75% of my “collectible” crap had to go as well. But it is totally worth it when I look over at him after he just blamed the fart on the dog and is smirking like crazy. He’s so cute when he smirks.

  24. Amy-Go

    Get a Room!! ;)

  25. ChristieNY

    Too sweet! I second the leather binder storage solution for the CDs and DVDs, keeps everything in order and takes up far less space than upright storage units! :D

  26. Sophie

    Ikea? Did someone say Ikea? OH yea, ya gotta go there. In fact, when I read about your CD storage… challenge, I thought “Ikea!” Love your post. Happy LT!

  27. Briana

    Ditto on the leather (or canvas) binder storage solution for the CDs and DVDs. We did it here and it was a fabulous decision. Keeps it all in one place and easy to take to the next room when we want to pick out a flick or CD with company. Love the catalog card generator. Very sweet. Enjoy those late night chats you two. :)

  28. nancy

    I have (or rather my husband has) a lot of CD’s. I also love Target and I drool (or rather save it in my this
    library card catalog CD storage. That way the CD’s are all AWAY.

    I like cherry.

    Also, following your Want Not advice, I found a great coupon code the last time I online ordered furniture from target. woohoo! free shipping!

  29. nancy

    Can I add that for all my ungrammaticalness (new word) I hate that that Target link spells Walnut, Walunt. irk.

  30. s@m

    That just made my heart melt. Damn you! LOL

    That just brought back all the memories of when we both used to have to travel for work. As sad as it is being separated, it’s so great when you finally get to see each other again!

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